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Quality in the Real World

We have been producing code quality dashboards at work. They are produced by our CI server whnever a successful build is produced. This allows developers to get quick feedback on the quality of code they have just commited. We can compare projects and raise their quality over time. This is all very well and good but wouldn’t it be nice to see how we are doing compared to the outside world?

So without further aso I present to you 4 code quality dashboards for a selection of .NET open source projects [and one MS one!]

As you can see quality is variable with nmock and ASP.NET MVC doing well. Fifty percent unit test coverage for nunit is a bit shocking however!

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Inventive uses of NUnit #2

Number two in a series of posts investigating the more ‘creative’ uses of NUnit. This time around we look at the school register.

NUnit test for a class register

NUnit test for a class register

With collective ownership you could get the kids to update their own unit test. I’m sure that would work and nobody else would make any other assertion in the code:]

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Inventive uses of NUnit #1

The first in a series of articles that describe how you can go about using a testing framework in an ‘interesting’ way. First up is the shopping list.

NUnit Shopping List

What could be easier than updating a line of code, recompiling and running the test suite whilst out shopping?

A Test for Cheese

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